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Camp Eagle 2020

July 13-18, 2020 $40
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Dates & Times

  • Jul 13-18, 2020
    12:00pm - 7:00pm

Attendee Types

  • Youth - Boy
    $100 $40 until Sep 30
    8 remaining
  • Youth - Girl
    $100 $40 until Sep 30
    8 remaining
  • Adult Chaperone
    $100 $40 until Sep 30
    2 remaining


Join us for six days of camp out in the West Texas wilderness along the Nueces river. Worship, study, outdoor activities, and water sports are on the menu!


Camp Eagle is located in Rocksprings, southwest of Kerrville. It is approximately 4 hours' drive from Church. Click here for directions.

Total Cost

Based on past years, we estimate the total cost for camp will be approximately $515 per attendee. This includes the cost of renting a van as well as supplies and campers' fees. To ensure that everyone who wants to go is able to attend, we've set the registration fee to $100, as this is Camp Eagle's cost for locking in a bed reservation. Our goal is to fundraise 100% of the remaining costs involved.

Down Payment

A $100 deposit is required in order to lock-in your reservation.

Early Bird Discount!

$60 off all registrations made before October 1.

After you sign up

Once you've registered, we'll send you an email including our timeline for Camp preparations. Also, check our website (churchonmain.org/camp) for news on upcoming events between now and then.